Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What to do When There's No Parking

There are some peaks that do not have a trailhead and no official parking area. I am writing about certain desert peaks that are worth doing, but parking has always been a question. Pyramid Peak, the photo to the left, is one of those peaks.

Ed found the answer to this question yesterday. Eva, Richard, Luba, and Ed drove out to do Arrow Peak off of Highway 93. There's no parking or trailhead for this peak. Ed pulled off to the side of the road and parked. After returning to his car, he found a ticket on it. Actually it was a warning. Wondering what to do about future parking problems, he called NV Highway Patrol and explained the situation to them. They said to pull off the road as far as you can and put a note in the windshield stating you are hiking. By doing this, the authorities understand you are not in trouble. This seems fair enough to me.