Monday, February 4, 2008

Access to South Red Rock Trailheads

This information is from the BLM's web site. They are installing bathrooms and paving a parking area just off of State Route 160, the road to Black Velvet trailhead. This area is very popular with mountain bikers. Every time we did Black Velvet Peak, we saw numerous cars parked in a dirt parking area. Click on the map to the left. It shows the new access road for the following trailheads: Windy Peak, Mud Springs, Black Velvet Peak, Hidden Peak, and the Monument.
To drive to Black Velvet Trailhead: Take the new access road (see map) passing Windy Peak Trailhead. You will come to a 4-way intersection, go left (north) passing Mud Springs Trailhead. Continue until you come to Black Velvet road. Turn left (north) and follow it to the trailhead.
Note: As of today, there are no trail or road signs along these gravel roads. BLM estimates this project will take another four months to complete. The direct road to Black Velvet Trailhead might be open during some of the construction, but is presently closed.