Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Getting Warmer!

We are just around the corner from prime hiking season. Shorts, t-shirts, and long days is what it is all about! However, we still have a little wait. There's still lots of snow and ice on the north facing routes in Red Rock. If the weather forecast holds, I believe most of the ice will be melted by Feb. 20th. Since the ice is melting fast, be careful crossing under any frozen waterfalls. Ice is falling off and hitting anything in its path.
Make sure to bring more water. With the warmer temperatures, you will drink more. Any water you come across in Red Rock should be treated before drinking.
Yesterday, 16 hikers made their way to the Painted Bowl high up in Oak Creek Canyon. See the photo in the upper left. We had minimal ice in Oak Creek. This is a good winter time hike. Here's a slide show of the Painted Bowl hike.