Thursday, January 24, 2008


It snowed big time in Red Rock and Mt. Charleston. The only peaks that are doable right now are in Calico Hills and Basin, plus Kraft Mountain. All of the lower trails are doable. You will encounter snow on the backside of Turtlehead Peak, but there's not really a trail all the way to the summit.
Mt. Charleston received 8 inches of snow by 7 am this morning. Chains or 4WD vehicles are needed to reach Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. I believe you would also need chains or 4WD to drive to the end of SR 157, the trailhead for Cathedral Rock and South Loop Trails. The Charleston area is expecting more snow this weekend.

We have been working on numerous routes out of Calico Basin. These routes are good winter time hikes, since they rarely see snow. We now have two routes to Calico Tank Peak and I am working on a new route to Turtlehead Jr from Kraft Mountain trailhead.