Monday, December 3, 2007

Rain, Snow and Ice

Weather is the big story in southern Nevada. The recent rain and colder temperatures brought ice to north facing routes above 5,500 feet in Red Rock Canyon. Even though the forecast calls for warmer temperatures the next few days, hikers should keep an eye out for ice on north facing routes in Red Rock Canyon.
First Creek Waterfall, Lost Creek Waterfall and the waterfall in Fern Canyon (photo to the left) are all flowing. Hurry if you want to see the water, it will not last unless we have more rain.
Mt. Charleston saw over a foot of snow this weekend. I'm not a fan of snow and cold weather, so most of my information will be from others. Back country skiing and snowshoeing are two popular activities when there's snow in Mt. Charleston. Remember the trails will be covered with snow. Don't get lost!
This past Sunday eight hikers followed the route to Bridge Point. The route is well cairned and there's a register at the summit.