Saturday, December 1, 2007

Water in Red Rock

Today (12-1), 23 hikers made their way through a very wet Juniper Canyon to Juniper Peak. As seen in the photo to the left, there were seasonal waterfalls in the canyon. Being a windy day we all hid under the summit to escape the gusts. Down in the canyon we were somewhat protected from the wind. It was a struggle to sign the register due to the cold and the pen not working well. If anyone is doing Juniper Peak, it needs a new register.
Yesterday Richard and I got soaked hiking up the gully between Crabby Appleton and Magic Mountain. We found a new route from Magic Mountain down to the saddle between Crabby and Magic. This is a much better route than before. The old route was very loose and dangerous.
With all the water in Red Rock, allow more time for hiking through the canyons.