Sunday, November 4, 2007

Walk Up Wall - Ain't No Walk Up!

Five of us hiked to the summit of Walk Up Wall in Red Rock Canyon today. We parked at Oak Creek and followed the new trail/path into Juniper Canyon. Our first goal was the top of Gunsight Notch, which looks impossible from Juniper Canyon. (See photo to the left.)Soon after leaving the notch the real climb begins. It's an exposed 50 foot climb up steep rock. Once up the route traverses a n exposed ledge and then weaves around and up rock to the summit. Walk Up Wall has tremendous views of Juniper Canyon. You can see most of the route to Juniper Peak and part of the route to Rainbow Peak without the Ledges. It's an amazing place to stand and I like it more than Rainbow Wall, even though Rainbow Wall is about 200 feet higher.

There's a good view of the ledge climbers sleep on when they climb Rainbow Wall. This is just after leaving the summit of Walk Up Wall. The descent route avoids the exposed traverse and 50 foot climb and soon meets up with the regular route. Descending Gunsight Notch is much faster. In no time we were down in Juniper Canyon. All in all a great hike.