Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Creek Peak Update

Today Ed and I hiked to the summit of First Creek Peak. I have not done this peak in years. The trail into First Creek Canyon is overgrown in places and spiderwebs so often it's hard to find the best path into the wash. The route through the wash is pretty clean. The climb to First Creek Peak starts at the top of the cascading waterfall deep in First Creek Canyon. We made one wrong turn after leaving the wash and got into an exposed traverse. Once back on route we found numerous cairns verifying we were on track. We placed a few additional cairns and cleaned the route where needed. The summit block is a short, but exposed fourth class climb. Once on top I placed a new sign-in book just below the cairn.
We found a new descent route that avoids down climbing the wall in Photo 12 of the hike description. I will make adjustments to the hike description and publish it tonight.
The hike to First Creek Peak is rated as follows:
Difficulty: 3; Danger level: 5; How easy to follow: 4; Class: 4; Length of hike: 5 to 7 hours