Friday, November 2, 2007

Another New Peak in Red Rock

Today (11-2), Mark and I found a wild route to Terrace Canyon Peak, a red capped peak high above Terrace Canyon in Pine Creek Canyon. What at first appeared to be a fairly straight forward route, became a classic, convoluted, scramble in the traditional Red Rock style.
I had been looking at this peak for several years. It's most apparent while descending from Pine Creek Peak, which we did last Sunday. The route still needs work. There are some very thin traverses (can you say one inch wide?) and significant class 4 climbing. I believe these parts might be avoided, but I will have to go back and explore some more. The final route will be published before the end of the month.

The descent is amazingly fast. We dropped into the south south fork of Pine Creek from the summit in less than 30 minutes! From there it's about 25 minutes to the turnoff for Terrace Canyon. I figure the route will take about six hours with a group of around eight. Stay tuned for updates.