Friday, October 12, 2007

Juniper Peak and the Grand Canyon

Eva, Richard, and I are hiking the new route to Juniper Peak today. I will refine the route description and publish it for members to download tonight. Speaking of Juniper Peak the normal route is in great shape. If you have not done the hike this year, the loose path up the steep hill has been eliminated. The route stays in the wash and connects with the original path at the top of the hill. From the boulder field to the summit the route is well cairned. Juniper Peak is a great hike no matter which route you take.

I will be in the Grand Canyon this weekend taking photographs. It's Susan's annual rim to rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon. Eleven hikers are going with the hope of not having to take the shuttle on day two. My plan is to post a slide show of the hike.

Next Sunday, the 21st, I have scheduled Lost Creek Peak via Graffiti Circ with a stop at Boot boulder. This is another great hike that follows an interesting ridge for almost a mile.
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