Friday, January 24, 2014

Ice Box Peak Alternative Start

Ice Box Peak is one of the most challenging routes in Red Rock Canyon. Photo 1 is the normal crack/chute the route ascends. About 70 feet up there's an awkward move  (red X in Photo 1) that is best climbed by facing out and climbing it backwards. There two things that make this move tough: First you have to have good flexibility in your left leg. Second, if you have a large daypack, you get that terrible feeling the rock is trying to push you out.
Photo 1 - Main chute

The Alternative:

Hike past the normal crack/chute and climb the boulders in Photo 2. About 10 yards past the boulders climb the crack in Photo 3. The dead log makes identifying this crack very easy. Climb the chute about 60 feet to the climb out to the left. See Photo 4. It's kind of an awkward move. Actually if your a bigger person the best way to do the move is to put your left foot on the boulder where my hand is and sit up on the rock, then grab the bomber handhold I am grabbing and stand.
Now traverse north as seen in Photo 5 to the normal chute. You will be above the awkward move in this chute (the red X in Photo 1).

Photo 2
Photo 3

Photo 4
Photo 5