Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meetup Hiking Las Vegas 1000th Hike!

In less than two years Meetup/Hiking-Las-Vegas has offered over 1,000 hikes to their members. These hikes, many of which no other hiking group does, are free. That's right, there's no charge to attend any of these hikes. We currently have over 1500 members enjoying this unique hikes.

The hikes range from fairly easy to very difficult. The shortest hike last around two hours and the longer hikes are all day events. Over 90% of the hikes are in southern Nevada, mainly Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and Lake Mead area.

This hiking club focuses on fitness and improving your hiking and climbing skills. Everyone who hikes on a regular basis gets in better shape and becomes a better climber. We even offer rappelling classes for those who want to learn.
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52 Peak Club

We are also the home of the 52 Peak Club, where hikers hike and climb the best 52 peaks around Las Vegas. Each time you stand at a peak with Meetup/Hiking-Las-Vegas you earn a one-of-a-kind playing card. The goal is to earn all 52 cards. When you have earned all 52 cards, you have climbed over 140,000 feet and hiked over 300 miles! How long does it take to hike all 52 peaks?  Realistically for most hikers it will take at least a year. That's one peak each week for 52 weeks.

Here's a webpage that list all of the 52 Peaks: All 52 Peaks
Here's a webpage of frequently asked questions: FAQs

Once hikers have hiked all 52 peaks they become a 53er. Currently, 22 hikers are 53ers. You can read their stories here.

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If you want to become a better hiker and climb peaks you never heard of, and a lot of peaks you have heard of, then join us.