Monday, September 10, 2012

Red Rock Season Is Almost Here

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Most hikers prefer hiking in Red Rock Canyon than any other location around southern Nevada. There are over 50 peaks in Red Rock in a small geographical location compared to Mt. Charleston or Lake Mead. For most hikers Red Rock is a much closer drive than Charleston or Lake Mead. Temperatures will soon drop into the eighties and below, making it the perfect time to hike in Red Rock.

Things to Remember About Hiking In Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is known for rock scrambling. I have over 90 scrambling routes on my site:  Approach shoes are the best type of hiking shoes for the scrambling routes in Red Rock. The soles have sticky rubber and stick to the rock much better the normal hiking shoes. My favorite approach shoes are the Vasque Screes. They are well made, comfortable and really stick to the rock. You can get a discount on the Screes by going to Red Wing (4616 W. Charleston in Las Vegas) and mention my name (Branch Whitney).


Once it cools down, heat is no longer your enemy, it's darkness.  Currently it's getting dark around 7 pm, but in December it becomes dark before 5 pm! You do NOT want to descend a scrambling route in the dark. Every hiker should have a headlamp with them. Buy it and leave it in your pack. Also, you need to test it to make sure the batteries are still good.


Although not a big issue, snakes are most active in October and April in Red Rock. Here's a page from my website that deals with snakes:

What to Bring on a Hike and Ice

In December it can be cold in Red Rock at the higher elevations. Hikers should have extra layers, a balaclava, and gloves in their packs. Also keep an eye out for ice. Early this year a hiker fell 30 feet because he slipped on ice.