Saturday, October 1, 2011

Seven Great Hikes from the Sierra Added!

I just added seven more great hikes from the High Sierra. The Members Only Club of Hiking Las Vegas now features 400 hikes members can download and 45 of those hikes are from the Sierra.
Here are the hikes I just added from the Sierra:

  • Mt. Whitney Trail - highest peak in the lower 48
  • Lookout Peak - one of the best vistas from any summit in the Sierra
  • Crystal Crag - short hike to a stunning peak in Mammoth
  • Crystal Lake - short hike to a beautiful lake in Mammoth
  • Ruby Lake - easy hike to a stunning lake out of Mosquito Flats
  • Pyramid Peak - cool peak near Bear Creek Spire
  • McGee Creek - very pretty hike with lots of water
The video below features some of these hikes and peaks from our September trip.