Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lots of Changes Around Lake Mead

Wow! Where to start? First the gravel road to Anniversary Narrows is closed and for good reason. The recent rains created an almost four foot sheer dropoff within the first 100 yards of the gravel road. Of course you can park just off of Northshore Road and walk nearly 1.25 mile to Lovell Wash, which leads to Anniversary Narrows. If fact, hikers who do not have a high clearance vehicle have to do this.

Anniversary Narrows coupled with Anniversary Narrows Peak is one of the best hikes around Lake Mead. We just did this hike today. Since we parked just off of Northshore Road, from the Anniversary Narrows Peak we descended south of the peak down into the Bowl of Fire. From there we hiked over a small ridge just west of Murphy's Peak and then down into Callville Wash. From there it was about a 15 minute walk to the car. A great round trip hike!

AZ Hot Springs:
The parking area has changed. Once on south 93 you will drive over the new bridge and soon see a "Welcome to AZ" sign. Drive another 3.1 miles and turn left into the paved parking lot. It's just before mile marker 4 and there's a sign on the highway indicating the turn. It reads: White Rock Canyon Trailhead Access. You then follow a hiker's path under the highway to the old trailhead sign, which was been moved! The start of the official trail is actually about 100 yards south up a small hill. It's much easier to follow the official trail than the wash.

There's only one deep pool at the hot springs currently. The second pool is only about one foot deep due to gravel from the recent rain.

Gold Strike Hot Springs:
The hot springs is completely dry. The other springs are very small due to gravel washed into them. Hopefully they will be repaired soon.

Liberty Bell Arch Trailhead:
The parking is near an animal and hiker's walkway over the highway. You have to drive to the turn for White Rock Canyon Trailhead and do a "U" turn to get to the unmarked trailhead.

Other Hikes and Trailheads:
Not sure currently, but will let you know as soon as I know.

Note: If you are hiking around north Lake Mead you need a pass. All National Park Passes are accepted. You must have an ID also.