Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Winter Hikes in Red Rock

A few years ago I and others realized there was a great need to find routes in Calico Basin.Why? Since most of these routes are east facing and none of them reach high elevations, they would be the first routes to be free of snow and ice.

Many of these routes are scrambling hikes, so you need to wait at least 24 hours after it rains and even longer if snow is melting. Normally it does not take long for snow to melt in the Calico Basin area. However, you must be careful of rock breaking.

Here's a list of hikes in the Calico Basin/Kraft Mtn. area:

Calico Tank Peak East Face route
Calico Tank Peak Red and White route
Turtlehead Jr./Red Cap Double Slot route
Calico Hills Loop
Calico Hills Traverse
Kraft Mtn Loop
Kraft Mtn. Up and Across
Kraft Mtn. Up and Over
Kraft Mtn. East route
Twin Tanks
Gray Cap Peak

All of these hikes are relatively short and most have lots of scrambling. Since all of these hike start in Calico Basin there's no entrance fee and no driving the Scenic Loop!!!

The Kraft Mtn. East route hike is new. It has some fun scrambling and avoids loose rock. I believe this is the best route on the mountain.

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