Sunday, September 26, 2010

Calico Tank Peak

As seen from the East Face route
Calico Tank Peak stands above Calico Tank in Red Rock Canyon. There are at least five routes to the peak, three of them starting at Calico Basin/Red Springs area. This eliminates driving the Scenic Loop.

Today (9-26), Kathy and I followed the East Face route to the peak. It's a fun, class 3 scramble with plenty of twists and turns. We placed additional cairns on the route.

I brought up an ammo box and a new sign-in book. This is a popular peak and the old sign-in book was in bad shape.

It's still very hot in Red Rock. I recommend getting a very early start to beat the heat and bring lots of water. In fact both Monday and Tuesday might bring record high temperatures.

My rant: I visited the 23 million dollar Visitor Center at Red Rock Canyon. What does 23 million dollars get you? Bad information. Here's a photo of an exhibit. Notice the listed elevation of Bridge Mountain. It's only off by 600+ feet. They list Bridge as 7661 feet. Not bad for a BLM employee. I am surprised they knew the name of the mountain. Below is a photo I took of the exhibit: