Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow in Red Rock

It snowed big time in Red Rock Canyon (20 miles west of Vegas) last night. All routes except for hikes in Calico Hills/Calico Basin have lots of snow and ice and are NOT doable at this time. In fact when I was out there today (7:45 am) the Scenic Loop was not opened. I was informed that the rangers said there was ice on the road. This seems odd since there was no snow in Calico Hills, which is higher than any part of the Scenic Loop. Hopefully the Scenic Loop will open later in the day.

With the forecast calling for more rain and snow, it will be awhile before any of the major peaks in Red Rock will be doable. I strongly advise not to hike these peaks until the snow and ice melts. It's the ice you don't see that's dangerous. Currently, I recommend hiking around Lake Mead.