Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Hikes Published and Various Updates

I just published three more hikes to the Member's Only section of Lava River Cave is just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. The hike takes you over a half mile through a cave in total darkness. It's an easy hike and a great hike to do the day before or the day after doing Mt. Humphreys, the highest peak in AZ.

Bandera Volcano Crater and Ice Cave is located in northwest New Mexico. The hike travels to a volcano crater that spans 1200 feet across and 800 feet deep. It's then on to the ice cave. The open air cave is less than 75 feet below the surface, but always has ice in it. You can feel the temperature drop as you descend to the cave.

The Inscription Trail is another hike I published located in northwest New Mexico. It has lots of history behind it. Four centuries of inscriptions are carved into the rock. You also hike pass a 13th century pueblo built at the top of a sandstone mesa. Both of these are easy hikes and can be done together.

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What Others Did:

It's snowing in Mt. Charleston today. Not sure how much of the white stuff will fall, but I will report here when I find out. Nick, Harlan and others hiked in Charleston this past weekend and had some of the clearest vistas of the Sierra I have ever seen. Nick sent me a photo.

Debbie, Shin and others did Mystery Canyon in Zion this past weekend. Mystery Canyon is a technical canyon requiring rappelling skills. If you are on Facebook, look for several videos and photos of their adventure.

Skip led 20 plus hikers to Liberty Bell Arch this past weekend. This is one of the best level 2 hikes in the Lake Mead area. Photos of the hike are on