Monday, October 26, 2009

Black Velvet Peak and White Rock Hills Peak

Quick note before I start the blog: My web site was down. It's hosted by X7 hosting, one of the worst in the business. I am going to switch hosting companies in the near future to avoid problems like this.

We did a lot of hiking this past weekend. On Friday, a much slimmed down Davis (he lost 50 lbs so far) took an easy hike up Fern Canyon. The route is in good shape. For the most part I stay along the southern wall until coming to the seasonal waterfall, which is bone dry now.

Beyond the waterfall you can continue up the canyon to Bridge Mountain or head south and follow the northern route to Mescalito. There's also a route to a very obscure peak with the dumbest name in Red Rock: Yoga Peak.

On Saturday (10-24), we hiked Black Velvet Peak in southern Red Rock Canyon. This is one of the best hikes in Red Rock. No crowds, no brush and a great route make this a must do hike. Unlike some groups we hiked all the way to the real peak. Although the real peak is lower, the view straight down the 2,000 foot Black Velvet Wall is certainly worth hiking a few hundred extra yards. Both summits have sign-in books.The latter having an ammo box.
Stats: 8 miles, 2,400 feet of elevation gain, class 3, difficulty 5
Slide show of the hike

On Sunday (10-25), instead of drinking beer and bad mouthing the country like Kathy wanted to do (An Officer and a Gentleman), we hiked White Rock Hills Peak via Surprise Canyon. The route was founded by Richard and Eva, one of several routes they found on White Rock Hills Peak. It's a fun route, but there are some loose sections so caution must be used.

The sign in book has plenty of room left, but it's a plastic container. It would be nice if there was an ammo box instead. We descended the same route, thus avoiding a boring walk on a trail or a car shuttle.

Stats: 5 miles, 1,850 elevation gain, class 3, difficulty 3

Notes: I just updated the Black Velvet hike with waypoints. Members can download it now.
Even though there's road construction on US 93, it has not effected parking for the Liberty Bell Arch hike.