Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Various Updates

* I will be presenting a slide show at the Mountaineer's Club meeting on Sept 22nd, 7 pm, W. Sahara Library. (9600 W. Sahara)

* Kenny put a new ammo box at Mummy's Toe last weekend. Thanks!

* I am updating some of the hikes with waypoints. I finally got a GPS that really works well!

* I and other hikers will be on TV this Saturday night 10pm on Vegas TV (channel 14).

* The road in front of Kraft Mtn is closed during the weekdays for a few days.

* Watch for snakes in Red Rock. They are back!

* I just published two more hikes from the Sierra. Members can download these hikes now!

* The speed limit on SR 159 (the road to Red Rock Canyon) is 50 mph now.