Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mack's Peak Traverse - A Real Mountaineering Route

Today (9-20) eight hikers traversed from Mack's Peak along the ridge to the northern summit of Mack's Peak. This is a great mountaineering route with lots of exposure. We made it to Mack's Peak in 75 minutes. From there the real hike begins.

I had looked at the traverse for years having done Mack's Peak for over a decade and pioneering the route to North Mack's Peak. The traverse looks wicked in several places and the route is forced to drop off the west side of the ridge for a bit. It's recommended to have a GPS to follow this route. There are cairns, but they blend into the terrain and are easily missed.

This hike will be featured in the slide show I am presenting at the Mountaineers Club meeting this Tuesday at 7pm at W. Sahara Library. It's a free presentation. Slide show on the web.

Notes: The Northern summit needs a book.