Monday, June 22, 2009

Mummy Mountain

Yesterday (6-21), seven of us hiked to Mummy Mountain via the scree slope. The route is completely snow free. I was surprised we were wind free at the summit. It had been breezy at the trailhead. Always bring a wind breaker when hiking in Charleston.

Mummy is the second highest peak in southern Nevada; Charleston Peak (11,918 feet) being the highest. There are five summits on Mummy Mountain: The Nose, Forehead, Chin, Belly (high point), and Toe.

Later this summer I will lead the classic Mummy Head to Toe hike. This year the route will travel to all five peaks! It will be tough, but fun. The hike will take about nine hours. Unfortunately a car shuttle is required. Video of a previous Mummy Head to Toe hike.

Shin and others tried Mummy via Mummy Springs route yesterday. They told me there was too much snow in the gully, so they hiked NW and climbed a broader gully to reach the summit. At this time only north facing gullies still have snow. All other routes are snow free.