Saturday, June 20, 2009

Misc. Updates

Today (6-20), Kathy and I went to the REI Tent Sale. One word of advice: Get there early for the best selection. REI issued numbers to us and then opened the doors to the first 75 people. If you were not in the first group of 75, the pickings were slim.

Mt. Charleston shoe\boot strategy. I do not wear heavy weight or even mid weight boots while hiking in Mt. Charleston. I wear a lightweight shoe, preferably one that is too worn for rock scrambling any longer. Remember the adage: one pound on your feet is like five pounds on your back. If fact I just recently carried a 50 pound back through Buckskin Gulch in water shoes!

Can you name the world's most dangerous mountain? It's Annauurna. Read more about it and the nine most dangerous mountains here.