Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Various Updates

The Narrows at Zion is closed due to high water. It should reopen soon.

Snow level in Charleston is around 9,000 feet on north facing slopes. Kathy and I will be up there on Friday and I will report on what we find.

All waterfalls are flowing in Charleston now. Hurry with the hot temps they will be dry soon.

Sierra snow levels: Not sure, but it was a big snow year. Kathy and I will be in the Sierra in a couple of weeks. Will update then.

The photo above is the machine I use for my hamstrings and it is great. It can also be used to stretch the glutes.

I use this machine to stretch my hip flexor and quads. For many years my left hip flexor muscles would cramp up. After using this machine for several months the muscles in my hip flexor did not cramp even during the 4 peak hike.
Both of these machines are at the Las Vegas Athletic Club's West Flamingo location.