Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Peter's 75th Surprise B-day Party

Last night (5-13) Debbie and I had a surprise birthday party for Peter. As you can see in the photo he was really surprised. Incredibly Peter will be turning 75 in early June. He is leaving Vegas tomorrow for his cabin in Utah for the summer, so tonight was our only chance to make this happen. Debbie can make anything happen in a very short time.

Peter has done many of the toughest hikes in Red Rock and last year he did the Mountaineers Route to Mt. Whitney in one day. Earlier today he did Mt. Wilson via Cleaver Crack. He seems to stay young forever. I am not sure what his secret is, but I would like to know it!

Many hikers attended including: Eva and Richard, Mark, Wrong Way, Mike B., Mel, Tom, Doyle, Kathy, Judy, Kenny and his goat, Debbie, and that menace, Branch Whitney.