Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cool New Hike - Sort Of!

Yesterday (5-6-) Peter, Doyle, Mike and I started out hiking to Rocky Gap Boulder in Red Rock Canyon. This is fun, easy and fairly short hike. There's a sign in book at the boulder. We then hiked over to an awesome overlook down into Lost Creek Canyon. This is only a 15 minute hike from the boulder.

It was still early (I don't think it was even 10 am.) so we decided to follow the Lost Creek Ridge, one of the wildest ridge routes in Red Rock, to Graffiti Traverse, an impossible looking traverse high above Graffiti Canyon. (See photo.) Once beyond the traverse, we descended Graffiti Canyon. This was a great hike and we were in the shade a good portion of the hike.

By first hiking to Rocky Gap Boulder you avoid the very serious climbing (class 5 with a rope) that the traditional route follows. You can also bag Lost Creek Peak and then descend Graffiti Canyon.
Notes: Plenty of room left in the book at Rocky Gap Boulder. The route to the boulder is in great shape. I set some additional cairns on the ridge route. This route would be impossible to follow without cairns or the write up.