Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rainbow Peak and White Rock Hills Peak

On Saturday (4-4), 12 hikers scrambled to the summit of Rainbow Peak. We started at Oak Creek trailhead and hiked into Juniper Canyon. We then headed up Gunsight Notch. There are some down trees due to the snow this past winter. They need to be removed as they make for tough going.

We then traversed above Gunsight Notch Canyon and headed up to Rainbow Wall. I was the only hiker who had been to the top of the wall. Needless to say the other hikers were quite impressed looking down 1,200 feet into Juniper Canyon.

Are next stop was Rainbow Peak via the Ledges. It got real quiet as hikers got their first glimpse of the exposed ledges. We all made it across and then down to the saddle. From there it's an easy walk (sort of) to the summit.

After eating and signing the book we followed the Rainbow Peak without the Ledges route down into Juniper Canyon. This is a very short and quick descent aided by three ropes. All in all a great day.

On Sunday (4-5), 16 hikers stood on the summit of White Rock Hills Peak. We ascended the southern route, which is the original route. It's pretty well cairned, but still is one of the hardest routes to follow in Red Rock. After eating at the peak we descended via Surprise Canyon, an excellent route and it's very well cairned.
Notes: The books and containers at both peaks are in good shape, though the book at Rainbow Peak is fragile.