Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gunsight Notch Peak

Today (4-19), 13 hikers stood at the summit of Gunsight Notch Peak in Red Rock Canyon. We followed the original route through Pine Creek into Gunsight Notch Canyon. This has always been one of my favorite canyons. Steep and unforgiving, the reddish slickrock extends for hundreds of feet toward Gunsight Notch. When water runs down the canyon, it's in contention with Terrace Canyon as the prettiest canyon in Red Rock.

Once at the summit, we descended through Gunsight Notch, one of the most incredible landmarks in Red Rock Canyon. From Juniper Canyon the notch looks impossible for even the skinniest hiker to fit through. All in all a great day.
Notes: The route is in good shape. The book and container are also in good shape. A hiker lost her camera near the summit of Gunsight Notch Peak. Please contact me if you find it. Thanks.