Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pine Creek Peak in Red Rock

On Sunday, the first day of March, six hikers were the first ones this year to scramble to Pine Creek Peak. I rate this hike as one of the top 10 in Red Rock Canyon. It was a great day with perfect weather, tons of water in Pine Creek, and a great group of hikers.

After leaving the wash the climbing topped out at class 4. We got lucky and saw several big horn sheep on the route. By high noon we were at the summit. After 20 minutes we left the summit and descended through Pine Creek Canyon back to the trailhead. All in all a perfect day.

Notes: I placed a few large cairns along the route. As the route descends through Pine Creek there's a spot where you go through a tunnel to aviod a tricky down climb. This alternative route was very brushy - no more!
The book at the summit had gotten wet. It's ok and contains the first sign in: Branch 1-23-03.