Monday, March 23, 2009

Calico Traverse to Calico Tank Peak

What started out as a quick scramble to Slab Rift (photo to the left), a unique formation near the top of Calico ridge, ended up being a four hour hike to Calico Tank Peak. Although windy at times most of the hike was wind free and very enjoyable.

This is a very hard route to follow with plenty of twists and turns that are not obvious. We placed new cairns and rebuilt some old ones. After passing below Calico Hills II High Point we descended to the slot that leads to Calico Tank.

Calico Tank still has water in it, but it will not last. A quick scramble from the tank leads up to the peak. There's an ammo box up there now and a book with plenty of blank pages.

The route can be extended to Turtlehead Junior. The descent would be off of the west side, via the log and then follow Doyle's Loop back to the trailhead.