Friday, March 27, 2009

Burlap Buttress

Today (3-27), Kenny, Davis and I had our eyes set on Burlap Buttress in south Red Ro ck Canyon. This is the only named sandstone peak in Red Rock I have not been to the top of. We started up a loose gully that just got worse. In fact, I would have to say it was one of the worse gullies I have ever climbed. We finally got smart and back off.

We hiked north into a large canyon; a much better choice. Actually we could have been blindfolded and still found a better route than the gully. Soon we were in a sea of brush and Davis was in heaven! It took us three hours to go a half mile, but now that canyon is cleaner than a fat boy's plate.
As we neared the rear of the canyon Davis started dancing and took a ridiculously long route to avoid a class 3 scramble up a face.

Kenny and I started up the ramps I had spotted from Hidden Peak a few weeks earlier. Davis stayed behind. We got up to a high point with awesome views in all directions. We decided to bail due to Davis waiting for us and it was already past two by now.

The hike out was fast. We were back to the cars by 4 pm. I had eight hours of fun and will probably have another seven hours doing Mt. Wilson tomorrow.