Friday, February 6, 2009

What's Up With Hiking Las Vegas?

People who follow my site must be wondering what's going on with the site. Here's the scoop. In early January both of my computers went down. I had to completely rebuild my main computer that I use to run the site. I ran into unbelievable bad luck going through four defective motherboards.

I just recently got my main computer up and running again, although one hard drive with tons of software on it was damaged. I can now update the site again. Then in late January the server that processes the orders went down due to a freak snowstorm in Arkansas. It also is back up and running again.
Hiking Updates
There's a plan to reduce the hours of the Scenic Loop road in Red Rock Canyon. It has been reported that the loop would open one hour later (7 am instead of 6) and close one hour earlier. This is only in the planning stages at this time.

I also heard the entire Cathedral Rock picnic area is closed. This includes the South Loop and Cathedral Rock trails. Fines of $250 are imposed on anyone in the area!

Muddy Mountain - Access
The south approach to Muddy is blocked about 1.65 south of the old parking lot, at ~2350' elevation. I walked up to the previous parking. The BLM is taking this seriously; I saw no tire tracks past the block, and the old road has faded into nothing in a few places. They have clearly rolled rocks into the road in at least 5 places, forming barricades (kind of wimpy for real jeeps, but enough to keep me out). In a few places, natural gully washers have placed some nasty rocks in the "road".

The above was from Harlan. He was out there in the past two weeks.