Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lots of Hiking This Weekend

On Friday I attempted White Rock Hills Peak via the southern route. I made it to where the route travels to the west side of the mountain and then descends. There was a lot of snow, so I turned around. The route might be doable, but caution would need to be used.

On Saturday, I led 14 hikers to Windy Peak via the normal route. I have not done this route in several years. Now I know why! The approach is very loose with a fair amount of brush. The East Face route is much better. Admittedly it is a much advance route with lots of exposure.

On Sunday another 14 hikers made it to Terrace Canyon. There was a lot of snow in parts of Pine Creek. Once we made it past the snow, Terrace Canyon was flowing with water. It made for a great hike.