Friday, February 27, 2009

The Perfect Friday

It was like old times only better! Another Friday and Davis and I are out in Red Rock eying an impossible looking high point. This time it's a wild looking boulder above Willow Springs Area in Red Rock Canyon.

We decided to hike through Graffiti Canyon. Wow! The last time I saw that much water was years ago when Peter and I descended the canyon after climbing to North Peak. Along the way there's an awesome view of Boot Boulder. The waterfall at the start of the southern fork of Graffiti Canyon was flowing. It only flows every once in awhile.

We headed up this fork of the canyon about 300 yards and headed east in search of the boulder. It was easy going with little climbing and elevation. We found the boulder without a lot of searching. As you can see in this photo it's very easy to climb.

This route is very well cairned and will be on my web site in March for members to download. We named it Rocky Gap Boulder, because it overlooks the start of the Rocky Gap road.