Saturday, November 15, 2008

Castle Tower (VABM) and Southern Summits in the Highland Range

I just published the route to Castle Tower VABM. This is the highpoint in the Highland Range which is just 22 miles down Highway 93. The route I published is much better and more interesting than the standard route. This will be a great winter hike, since the peak is under 5,000 feet and rarely sees snow.

Last Friday, Dana and I did two more highpoints in the Highland Range. Those routes will be published soon. The Highland Range is one of the more dramatic looking desert ranges and features easy access. No long drive and no 4WD vehicle is needed to reach the trailheads.

We possibly found a class 4 route to a 100 foot pinnacle that was believed to be a technical climb. We did not do it, but it looks promising. However, as with most peaks and pinnacles in the Highland Range the rock quality can be very poor.