Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bridge Mountain and Bridge Point via Pine Creek

This is one of the top five hikes in Red Rock Canyon and yesterday eight hikers followed this impossible looking route (See Photo to the left). The hike begins by traveling through Fern Canyon. It leaves the canyon a little before Paiute Wall. From here the route becomes a series of twists and turns to get around imposing walls. The route meets up with the standard route to Bridge Mountain just before the bench that leads to the crack.

We followed the normal route to the summit of Bridge Mountain. After a quick lunch we descended to the Hidden Forest and down the Hidden Waterfall. After a tricky down climb and a step across we were on our way to Bridge Point. We do not follow the standard route to Bridge Point, instead we traverse an amazing ledge system to the summit ridge.

It was a perfect day and a great group. We were back to the cars by 4 pm making it a7.5 hour hike. This included 20 minute stops at both peaks.
Notes: The route is well cairned. The one work around in Fern Canyon is brushy and needs work. Both sign-in books have plenty of blank pages.