Saturday, October 18, 2008

Magic Mountain and Crabby Appleton Hikes

Twelve hikers followed the route to Magic Mountain on Saturday (10-18). It was a great day with perfect weather. Magic is one of the best short routes in Red Rock. With numerous twists and turn, tunnels and slots, everyone loves this hike.
We followed a new route up the slope. While still not perfect, it's much better than the original route. It also seems quicker. There's a hiker's path starting to develop as soon as you leave the Arnight trail. Eventually the brush will be beaten down enough so you can wear shorts.
After taking a break at the summit of Magic Mountain, we scrambled over to Crabby Appleton Peak. There's one move with killer exposure. The hike took about five hours car to car. Not too bad for twelve people and two peaks.