Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mummy's Nose and Lee Peak

By high noon on Saturday five hikers stood at Mummy's Nose via the North Ridge route. This is a great mountaineering route with lots of steep slopes and one tricky class 3 climb to get onto the ridge. We had perfect weather. You don't get that many great days in August being it is the heart of the Monsoon season. A couple of the hikers wrote it was one of the best hikes they have done in a long time.

On Sunday the plan was to hike to Charleston Peak via the North Ridge route. As we were on the ridge, Nick suggested bagging Lee Peak. And it was a great suggestion. As we drew closer to Lee Peak it looked like the route to the summit was going to be a loose scree slog. Wrong! The route stays on the ridge with lots of fun class 3 climbing on good rock. This makes Lee peak worth bagging.