Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Charleston Peak via Big Falls and North Macks Peak

This past weekend we hiked to North Macks Peak on Saturday. This is a totally different hike than Macks Peak and actually a different summit. In this photo North Macks Peak is under the letter "P". The normal Macks Peak is under the letter "M" in the photo. The route starts from an obscure road off of the Lee Canyon Highway (State Route 156). For some hikers on Saturday this will be a hike they will never forget. The pseudo knife edge ridge leading to the summit is long and exposed in places. Descending from the summit is not a walk in the park either. Luckily we had good weather. This is not a hike to do in a thunderstorm.
Notes: The road sign for 571 is still standing. We placed additional cairns along the ridge. Do not drive fast on the road (571). We got another flat tire. That's three flats in three weeks.

On Sunday Peter came down from Utah and joined us on the Big Falls to Charleston Peak hike. Again we had great weather. We were all on the peak around noon. After the hike some of us went to Debbie's cabin and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.
Notes: It's best to cross over above Big Falls as far north as you can. This avoids the thistles. The upper part of the route is loose. Be very careful not to knock rocks down on climbers below you.