Sunday, April 20, 2008

Updates and Crabby Appleton Peak

First I did not realize that after 5 pm , at least on weekdays, there's no charge to drive the Scenic Loop at Red Rock! Naturally if you have a pass this is no big deal.
Kenny sent me a photo of his hike to Cathedral Rock in Mt. Charleston. There's still a lot of snow. Fletcher Canyon might be at its peak water flow right now. This is a must do hike before the water is gone.
On Saturday, 11 hikers hiked to Crabby Appleton Peak. This was the best group of Meetup hikers I have led. Everyone was in shape and handled the climbing well. We made it to the peak in a little over two hours! Deciding we all wanted to hike more, we scrambled over to Magic Mountain. But before we made the summit of Magic Mountain, there's a down climb with maximum exposure... about 500 feet of air! As they say this separates the men from the boys! That's Dave on the down climb in the photo to the left.
Everyone handled the down climb with ease.
I just published one of the best short hikes in Red Rock! I call it Turtlehead Junior Double Slot route. There's a magnificent slot just below Upper Calico Tank. It has some challenging climbing in it. Members can download the hike by clicking here.
Today we are hiking to Terrace Canyon Peak. It's a relatively new route with lots of fun scrambling.