Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Turtlehead Junior and Calico Tank

We started the new year out right by hiking to Calico Tank and Turtlehead Junior. We followed Dave and Richard's new route that starts from the trailhead for Kraft Mountain.This is a fantastic route with lots of fun scrambling. Calico Tank was frozen solid. After hiking to the tank, we scrambled up to Calico Tank Peak and then followed Ed's route to Turtlehead Junior. There is a sign-in book at the summit and we built a cairn. All the tanks we passed were frozen making for some great photos. This is the perfect hike during the winter months. It's an east facing route which has a lot of exposure to the sun. During this time of the year hikes in Calico Hills and Kraft Mountain are your best bets if you don't want to hike around Lake Mead. Members will be able to download this hike soon!