Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ice In Red Rock

Red Rock may look snow and ice free, but don't kid yourself. On today's hike to Terrace Canyon we saw plenty of ice. The photo to the left was taken in the South-South fork of Pine Creek at an elevation of less than 5,000 feet! Even though it has been sunny, the canyons do not get much sun this time of the year. The sun is too low in the southern sky. All north facing routes will have some ice. Stick with east and south facing routes in Red Rock Canyon. Terrace Canyon did look beautiful with the ice. You can hike all the way to the log, the traditional stopping point in Terrace Canyon, but you will have to watch for ice. The new Calico Tank and Peak hike is a good choice currently. The route is ice free since it faces east.
Tomorrow we hiking the SE Gully to White Rock Hills Peak. Look for a slide show of the hike this next week.