Saturday, January 12, 2008

Calico Tank Peak

Although Calico Tank Peak is only 4,870 feet and the standard route is a little tame, we have two new scrambling routes to the peak. The photo to the left outlines the two routes. These east facing routes are great winter time hikes and you do not have to drive on the Scenic Loop to the trailhead! The peak has fantastic views and once at the peak, there are lots of options. For a longer hike you can scramble over to Turtlehead Jr. Descent options are plentiful: descend the route you ascended, descend the other route, descend over to Calico Hills and hike across the top back to Red Springs.

On another note, the snow is melting fast in Red Rock. Yesterday, Barb, Jacquie and Dave hiked Hollow Rock Peak and Windy Peak. They reported minimal snow and virtually no ice on the route. However, there's still a lot of snow on north and west facing routes.