Sunday, November 25, 2007

White Pinnacle Peak

Yesterday 11-25-07, seven hikers scrambled to the most exposed peak in Red Rock Canyon. White Pinnacle Peak has big air on both sides. A 30 yard airy walk to the summit intimidates even seasoned hikers. The route ascends a gully on the face of Mt. Wilson. There are plenty of challenging climbs in the gully including an impossible looking chimney. We were standing on the peak by 10:30 am, too early to call it a day. We continued the hike by following the route to the South Summit of Mt. Wilson. Just below the summit is one of the best ledges in Red Rock Canyon. It looks straight down 3,000 feet to the desert floor! (See the photo to the right. Click on both photos for larger views.)
Both hikes are very advanced requiring class 4 climbing skills and good cardiovascular conditioning. The start of the route in White Pinnacle Gully needs work. Additional cairns would help hikers stay on route and brush has grown back. Scrambling from White Pinnacle to the South Summit requires good route finding skills. It took us about an hour to a hike from White Pinnacle to South Summit of Mt. Wilson.