Monday, November 12, 2007

Water at First Creek Waterfall

I just received photos taken of First Creek Waterfall today. This is one of the easiest hikes in Red Rock Canyon. As many of you know, it rained last night in Las Vegas. Although rain is a rare event, it brings up some safety issues. Sandstone, the rock found in Red Rock Canyon, becomes brittle when wet. In general hikers should not climb on the rock for 24 hours. Red Rock is known for good rock compare to other sandstone areas, but water weakens it. Another safety concern is flash flooding. Although it is easy to climb high enough in any of the canyons to safety, never underestimate the power of water.

This Sunday (11-18) we are hiking to Terrace Canyon Peak, a newly found peak in Red Rock. Here's a photo of the route from the canyon to the summit. It looks scary!!! Here's a panorama taken from the summit of Terrace Canyon Peak.