Monday, June 1, 2015

Hollow Rock Peak

This is not a new peak, but a very seldom climbed peak in South Red Rock Canyon. Why? Several reasons:
The original route was terrible: lose and uninteresting
It was not in any hiking book
It is not a 52er Peak.

Someone created a good route from the backside. It's scenic, fun, and has a class 4 summit boulder.
Also, it's a good warm weather hike, since the route stays around 6,000 feet the entire time.

How to get there:

The trailhead is the same as Windy the Backside, which is off of Blue Diamond Highway.
Follow the wide trail up to the ridge. Instead of heading north toward Windy Peak, head south (right) and follow a path along the limestone ridge for about two mile. The path is well cairned, though faint in parts.
The last 0.5 mile is on standstone and is mostly class 2. The peak comes in and out of view as you make your way to the summit boulder. The class 4 climb is near the tree and to the left of the obvious crack.

Distance: 5 miles - up and back
Elevation gain: ~1,500 feet
Time: 2 to 3 hours - up and back
Class: 4

Notes: There are two summits, but only the class 4 summit boulder has a sign in book. The other summit is class 2. The summit boulder has an anchor for the downclimb.

Hollow Rock Peak - Click to enlarge