Friday, January 9, 2015

White Rock Hills Peak Southern Route Update

Over the past year we have done a lot of work on this route. I feel this route is now in the best shape ever! This is the route that starts off of the Rocky Gap Road. The start of the hike is finally easy to follow.

My main concern was the loose hillside the route ascended. Virtually every time I led a hike someone would knock a rock down. It was almost impossible not to. This made it dangerous for hikers below.
We have re-routed this part of the route. The loose hillside is about 15 minutes beyond the chimney and just beyond the climb in Photo 2.

Photo 2

Once beyond the climb in Photo 2, you veer left on good sandstone to a path that heads toward the tree in Photo 3. About 40 yards beyond the tree this new route meets up with the old route on good sandstone. The new route avoids all the loose rock the original route followed.

Photo 3
The next re-route is just beyond the dead tree in Photo 4. The old route would climb to a higher level, traverse, and then descend to a worn path that led to the gully. This new route descends and follows a very well cairned path that meets up with the worn path. This new route is much more efficient.  See Photo 5. The red line shows the new route; the "Red X" shows the old route.

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Photo 4

Photo 5
You can read about the final re-route up the better gully here. 

Video of these re-routes: