Saturday, October 11, 2014

White Rock Hills Peak - Southern Route

There's a shortcut into the normal gully that leads to the summit on the Southern route to White Rock Hills Peak. This shortcut is a different gully that's about five to eight minutes before the normal gully. 

Photo 1 shows this new gully. It's not as loose as the normal gully, which not only makes it faster, but safer. The whitish bark tree (circled in Photo 1) is a good landmark. Although not obvious in the photo, the gully divides; veer left as shown in the photo. 

Photo 1

Photo 2

Continue ascending over easy rock another 40 yard or so until you see cairns off to the left (north). Follow the cairns across the easy traverse as seen in Photo 2. Your landmark are the two trees. Ascend this gully about 30 yards to an obvious opening to the left (north). 

You are now in the normal gully above all the loose rock. This gully  leads to the overlook of the Scenic Loop road. From here follow the normal route to the summit, about 10 minutes away.