Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mt. Charleston Update


One word: Melted. All routes are doable.

Road Construction

Expect road delays on SR 157 (Kyle Canyon Road) most of the summer. The delay will add about 30 minutes extra driving time (15 minutes each way). As of now there's no delays on the weekend. Also, SR 156 will soon have road delays. Read more here:  -- Scroll down to the middle of the page.

Mummy's Toe and Mummy Mtn. (highest point)

This pertains to the hikes that start from the North Loop Trail and goes above Mummy Springs, which is almost dry. The official trail ends above Mummy Springs and the steep path begins. Follow the path about 200 yards the path divides: going left (south) takes you to Mummy's Toe; going right (north) leads to Mummy Mountain (Tummy).
We built a large cairn at the divide.

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Once above the wall (only part where you climb - class 2/3) on the Mummy's Toe route, there's a great path that leads to the summit.